Topher Barretto

You may know Topher.
Topher Barretto has over 19 years of experience in the world of professional sports and fitness combined. Topher is Guam’s only athlete to hold a World Champion title (two, actually) earned during his formative years of racing professional watercraft. After his racing career ended, Topher moved to Los Angeles where he managed one of the largest grossing Gold’s Gym franchises in the country for five years, before being introduced to CrossFit by friends and realizing that “working out” could be something other than just work. Topher decided to bring this message home to Guam in 2012, but took the “long way” home, training throughout the year in different CrossFit gyms in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Asia. While earning his certifications Topher paid close attention how different Crossfit and other studio-based training facilities adapted American-style HIIT, cardio and rehabilitative workouts to meet local needs and complement their local environments and has used that experience to create, in part, the classes offered by UNIFIED

Caleb Barretto
Of course you know Caleb.
Caleb has been a fixture in the Guam business community since graduating from the University of Guam in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial Studies. While working as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for the local marketing firm Shooting Star Productions, Caleb has been an active member of numerous local organizations, such as the Guam Young Professionals, and has dedicated his time to numerous initiatives designed to support and grow local business opportunities. 
A long-time athlete and competitive motocross racer, when Caleb was approached by his brother Topher about becoming a partner in UNIFIED, he saw an opportunity to be involved in a business that would combine his skill in management and his passion for athletics. He immediately committed to the new endeavor by successfully completing the Crossfit certification program. It is Caleb’s hope that Unified will serve the community by creating and growing the Health and Fitness economic sector on island and teaching its members and their families that health can be a simple and fun part of everyday Guamanian life